Facial Rejuvenation



There is nothing more important then being happy and feeling good about your self. As people begin to age, sagging around the eyes, heaviness of the face, wrinkles, sun damage and other tell tale signs of the aging process begin to show up. Some people tend to accept these changes while others are motivated to prevent them or even improve upon them. There is an ever growing armamentarium of tools to help patients seek the improvements they desire.


Treatments fall in to three major categories:

1.         Home care to prevent damage and improve your appearance,
2.         Minimally invasive office procedures like Botox, restylane, and lasers
3.         Surgery to lift and sculpt the face and eyes.
This section discusses the surgical techniques used to rejuvenate your lower and mid face.

Patients can also learn about Facelift Surgery and Botox from ASOPRS members active on RealSelf.com.


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