Lester Jones Surgical Anatomy Award Winners




Petros Konofaos, MD for the paper:

"Suprathrochlear and Supraorbital Nerves: An Anatomical Study and Applications in the Head and Neck Area"

Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 29(5):403-408, September/October 2013.

2013 Dale R. Meyer, MD, FACS for his work on the anatomy of the orbital septum, eyelid metrics, and eyelid features in thyroid disease.


2012 David Tse, MD, FACS


2011 Allen Putterman, MD  for the paper:
"Measurement of Eyebrow Position from Inferior Corneal Limbus to Brow: A New Technique"

Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2010; 26.6:443-447


2010 Mark Lucarelli, MD, FACS 

for his work on orbicularis retaining ligament and orbitomalar ligament in eyelid reconstruction,

eyelid lymphatics, depressor superchillii mm., anatomy of midface ptosis and orbital septum

2009 Hirohiko Kakizaki, MD, PhD

2008 Victor Elner, MD, PhD  for the paper:

"Comprehensive, Combined Anterior and Transaruncular Orbital Approach to Medical

Canthal Ligament Pilication"


2007 Roberta Gausas, MD  for the paper:

"D2-40 Expression Demonstrates Lymphatic Vessel Characteristics in the Dural Portion of

the Optic Nerve Sheath"


2006 Dr Jeffrey Hurwitz, MD


2005 Michael Kazim, MD


2004 Phil Custer, MD


2003 Geoffrey Rose, MD


2002 Don O. Kikkawa, MD


2001 Asa Morton, MD


2000 Edward Bedrossian, MD


1999 Gerald Harris, MD


1998 Jack Rootman, MD


1997 David Lyon, MD


1996 David R. Jordan, MD


1995 Robert A. Goldberg, MD


1994 Deborah Sherman, MD


1993 Jonathan J. Dutton, MD


1992 Leo Koornneef, MD


1991  Not Given


1990 Robert C. Della Rocca, MD


1989 Bradley Lemke, MD


1988 John Linberg, MD


1987 Not Given


1986 Glenn W. Jelks, MD


1985 Marcos T. Doxanas, MD


1984 Clinton D. McCord, Jr., MD


1983 Richard Anderson, MD


1982 Richard Dortzbach, MD


1981 Bernice Brown, MD


1980 James Hargiss, MD


1979 John Wobig, MD


1978 Crowell Beard, MD


1977 Robert Dryden, MD


1976 Richard Tenzel, MD


1975 Recipient Unknown


1974 Orkan George Stasior, MD


1973 Not Given


1972 Marvin Quickert, MD



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