Education Committee


Robert Fante, MD, Chair
Kenneth Morgenstern, MD, Oral Exam Subcommittee Chair
Dan Buerger, MD, Written Exam Subcommittee Chair
Cat Burkat, MD, Written Exam Subcommittee
Kenneth Cahill, MD
SECTION 6: Education Committee
A. Shall be composed of the Secretary of Education, the Chairperson of the Thesis Committee, the Chairperson of the Program Director Committee, and such other members as are appointed by the President.
B. The Chairperson shall be the Secretary of Education.
C. The President shall appoint at least one Assistant Chairperson, who shall serve for a period of two (2) years and shall assist the Secretary of Education in performing the duties described in Article III, Section 9 of these Bylaws.
D. Shall receive applications for ASOPRS-accredited fellowship training programs from prospective Program Directors, review and analyze these applications with the Application for ASOPRS-accredited Fellowship Committee, and present these results to the Executive Committee.
E. Shall convene at the Spring and Fall Meetings of the Society to plan and discuss issues of educational importance.
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2016 Spring
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June 2-5, 2016
Ojai, California