Program Committee

Michael Yen, MD (Fall Meeting)
David Lyon, MD (Past Chair)
Andrew Harrison, MD (Spring Meeting)
Vikram Durairaj, MD (Assistant Fall Meeting)
Randal Pham, MD (CME Subcommittee Chair)
Mark Lucarelli, MD (Secretary of Meetings)
Peter Sneed, MD (Secretary of Education)
SECTION 5: Program Committee
A. Shall be composed of the Program Chairperson, the immediate past Program Chairperson, the assistant to the Program Chairperson, the Secretary of Meetings, the Secretary of Education, and Continuing Medical Education (CME) Chairperson.
B. The Chairperson shall be the Program Chairperson.
C. Shall plan the scientific and educational program at the Annual Meetings of the Society.
D. The assistant to the Program Chairperson shall plan and direct the scientific program at the Spring Meeting, and assist at the Fall Meeting as required by the Program Chairperson.
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