Information Technology/Website Committee

Scott M. Goldstein, MD, Chair
Christine C. Annunziata, MD
Aaron Fay, MD
P. Lloyd Hildebrand, MD
Bobby S. Korn, MD, PhD
Edward W. Lee, MD
Ronald Mancini, MD
Mark L. Mazow, MD
Randal T.H. Pham, MD
Rona Z. Silkiss, MD
Alice Song, MD

Manoj M. Thakker, MD


SECTION 14: Information Technology/Website Committee
A. The Chairperson shall be familiar with and have access to electronic medical and information technology.
B. Shall be responsible for developing the Society’s website and monitoring and maintaining the Society’s e-mail address and site and any additional information technology or electronic media sponsored by the Society.
C. Shall communicate with other committees to obtain updated information to maintain the Society’s website.

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