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When choosing a surgeon for eyelid, lacrimal or Orbital problem as well as for cosmetic facial surgery it is important to consider the physician’s training. All ASOPRS members are Board certified Ophthalmologists by the American Board of Ophthalmology, the oldest medical certifying Board in the United States. This means that all ASOPRS members have completed a full Ophthalmology residency of three or more years in diseases and surgery of the eyeball. All ASOPRS members then made the decision to further their training in Oculofacial Surgery (care of problems related to the eyelids, tear ducts, orbits, and cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and face).
All ASOPRS members have completed post residency fellowships in Oculofacial Surgery. Completion of one of these competitive fellowships alone is not sufficient to gain entrance to ASOPRS. Applicants for membership are required to submit a scientific thesis of original research in a topic related to Oculofacial Surgery. When this thesis has been accepted after vigorous review by the Society, applicants are required to pass both a written exam and an Oral exam administered by the Society, to test the depth of knowledge and medical judgment of the applicant.
Only after all of these steps have been completed is a surgeon asked to become a member of ASOPRS. This ensures that ASOPRS members have the training, experience, and medical judgment necessary to provide state of the art care for all eyelid, lacrimal, orbital and facial plastic and cosmetic problems.


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