Midface Lift


As we age, gravity and fat deflation rob us of facial fullness. One area in which these effects can be seen is the midface area. The midface is the area from the lower eyelids to the nasolabial folds, which are the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth. Over time, the midface area descends and loses volume (flattens). This can make us appear more tired or older than we are.
Round facial contours and midface/cheek projection is the
mark of youth and beauty. A midface lift can beautifully
restore the youthful contour and three-dimensional
projection to the midface area that so many patients desire.
Fat may also be transferred to the face during a midface
lift to maximize contour and projectionThere are several
techniques for midface lifting, which technique is best for
you is based on a variety of factors including your current
facial structure, previous facial surgeries (if applicable),
and your aesthetic goals.
Your surgeon will explain in detail which options are best for you and why. If you are considering facial enhancement, a midface lift may be an excellent option for you.
When choosing a surgeon to perform a midface lift, look for a cosmetic and reconstructive specialist who limits his practice to facial procedures. A specialist will have the experience, expertise and knowledge of the anatomy of the midface including all surrounding areas, as well as special training in aesthetics and ultra smooth wound closures for scar minimization. A reconstructive and cosmetic specialist will also take extra time to address the minute aesthetic details for a natural, non-surgical result
Note: A Midface Lift does not address the eyelids or a sagging eyebrow or forehead area. For information about these areas please see BLEPHAROPLASTY and EYEBROW and FOREHEAD LIFTING. For information about fat transfer to the face, please see FAT TRANSFER.
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