ASOPRS FOUNDATION Michael J. Hawes Lecture


Michael J. Hawes, left, David R. Segrest, right


2015 Richard P. Carroll, MD
John B. Holds, MD ASOPRS and Oculofacial Surgery - Current Challenges and the Future
2014 John N. Harrington, MD Michael Kazim, MD Thyroid Eye Disease 25 Years of Progress - What's Next?
2013 William L. 'Bucky' Walter, MD Philip L. Custer, MD Imaging Misadventures
2012 Michael J. Hawes, MD
John W. Shore, MD, FACS
Reflections on the Mechanics of Upper Eyelid Movement: Lessons for the Ptosis Surgeon
2011 Michael J. Hawes, MD Kenneth V. Cahill, MD Out of Step, or Step Ahead?
2010 Bartley Frueh, MD George B. Bartley, MD The Surgeon as Student: Learning from Our (My) Mistakes
2009 Murray Meltzer, MD Frank Papay, MD The Ethics and Politics of the first American Face Transplant
2008 Charles M. Stephenson, MD

David E. E. Holck, MD
Omaya H. Youssef, MD
Andrew S. Eiseman, MD

Military Oculofacial Plastic Surgery: from Battlefield to Germany to Walter Reed
2007 George Buerger Jr, MD, FACS Timothy Sullivan, MD How Understanding the Genetics of Periciular Malignancies Can Improve Management
2006 James Hargiss, MD Richard Anderson, MD Update on management of Facial Dystonias
2005 Gerald M. Shannon, MD Gerald J. Harris, MD Idiopathic Orbital Inflammations: Current Concepts and Treatment Strategies
2004 Memory of Bernice Z. Brown, MD Robert M. Goldwyn, MD Effect of Cosmetic Surgery on a Specialty
2003 Crowell Beard, MD William R. Nunery, MD ASOPRS Foundation in South Africa
2002 Charles K. Beyer-Machule, MD Frederick Menick, MD Facelift Techniques for the Reconstructive Surgeon
2001 Arthur J. Schaefer, MD George B. Bartley, MD
Michael Kazim, MD
The May ORGO (Orbital Radiatoion for Graves' Ophthalmology) Study: Lessons Learned
The Rational Use of Orbital Radiation Therapy in Graves' Orbitopathy




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