Bartley Frueh Award Winners

Jill Melicher-Larson, MD
A case of cocaine-induced pyoderma gangrenosum resulting in severe cicatricial ectropion

Alison Callahan, MD
Low Flow Combined Venous-Arterial Lesions of the Orbit

Milap Mehta, MD
Medial Orbital Wall Anatomic Landmarks

Preeti Thyparampil, MD
Changes in Intracocular Pressure During Orbital Floor Fracture Repair

Daniel Rootman, MD
Does the Tyndall Effect Describe the Blue Hue Periodically Observed in Subdermal Hyaluronic Acid Gel Placement?

Edward Wladis, MD
Immunologic Characteristics of Ocular Rosacea

Matthew Vicinanzo, MD
The Prevalence of Air Regurgitation and Its Consequences After Conjunctivo-
dacryocystohinostomy with Lester Jones Tube and Dacryocystorhinostomy with Silicone Intubation

Edward Wladis, MD for the presentation:
Toll-like Receptors and Vascular Markers in Ocular Rosacea

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