Marvin Quickert Thesis Award Winners

Constance Fry, MD
The Latino Eyelid: anthropometric analysis of a spectrum of findings

Michael Chappell, MD
In Vivo Imaging of a Novel Mouse Model of Filler Induced Tissue Necrosis

Andrea Kossler, MD
Neurostimulation of the Lacrimal Nerve for Enhanced Tear Production

Erik Hink, MD
Clinical Features and Treatment of Pediatric Orbit Fractures

Robert Hill, MD
Percutaneous Drainage and Ablation as First Line Therapy for Macrocystic and Microcystic Orbital Lymphangiomas

Christine Annunziata, MD
Expression Pattern of Neural Crest Stern Cell Markers in Human Orbital Adipose Tissue

Noelene Pang, MD
Orbicularis Oculi Force Comparison after Pretarsal and Preseptal Botulinum Toxin A Injections for Benign Essential Blepharospasm

Edward Wladis, MD
Characterization of Periorbital Inflammation in DJ-1 Knockout Mice: Implications for Neurodegenerative and Oculoplastic Disease

Bobby Korn, MD, PhD

Human Orbital Adipose Tissue: A Source of Pluripotential Adult Stem Cells

2006    Alon Kahana, MD, PhD

2005   Sarit Patel, MD

2004   Kenneth Morgenstern, MD

2003   Tina Li, MD

2002   Michael Yen, MD

2001   Jonathan Kim, MD

2000   Julian Perry, MD

1998   Mark Lucarelli, MD

1997   Michael Burnstine, MD

1996   John Choi, MD

1995   James Sanderson, MD

1994   David Cowen, MD

1993   Don Kikkawa, MD

1992   Harvey Cole, III, MD

1991   Peter Sakol, MD

1990   David Lyon, MD

1989   Jan Kronish, MD

1988   James Dickson, MD

1987   Christine Nelson, MD

1986   Allan Wulc, MD

1984   John McGetrick, MD

1982   Russell Gonnering, MD

1981   Michael Hawes, MD

1980   Bradley Lemke, MD

1979   Michael Callahan, MD

1977   Robert Waller, MD

1976   James Boynton, MD

1975   John Bullock, MD

1974   Lewis Lauring, MD

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