Nominating Committee

Kathleen Archer, MD - Chair
Mark Cohen, MD, FACS
John McCann, MD, PhD
Julian Perry, MD
Rona Silkiss, MD, FACS

SECTION 4: Nominating Committee
A.   Shall be composed of five (5) Society members, including the Immediate Past-President. The current President shall select the four additional members, no more than one of whom may be a current member of the Executive Committee and at least one of whom shall have been a member of the Society for ten (10) years or longer.

B.   The Chairperson shall be the Immediate Past-President.

C.   Shall prepare a list of recommended nominees by discussion among all five committee members, either in person or by tele-conference call, at a time prior to the Annual Spring Meeting.

D.    Shall submit the slate of candidates for office to the Executive Committee at the Annual Spring Meeting. The Executive Committee may request alternate nominees before submitting the names to the Society members for consideration at the Fall Meeting.

E.   Shall propose the nominees for office to the Society members at the Annual Fall Meeting, at which time additional nominations may be made by any member. All nominees shall fulfill the qualifications for their offices as described in these Bylaws.

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