Thesis Committee

Bobby Korn, MD - Chair
Evan Black, MD
Alon Kahana, MD
Harold Lee, MD
Kenneth Morgenstern, MD
- Past Chair

SECTION 7: Thesis Committee

A.   Shall be composed of at least three members; each shall serve for three (3) years. Each year the President-Elect shall appoint a new member to the committee.

B.   The Chairperson shall be the senior member of the Committee and shall serve for one (1) year and be on the Education Committee.

C.   Shall evaluate the theses submitted by applicants for membership in the Society and shall recommend the recipients, when appropriate, of the Marvin Quickert Thesis Award and of the Merrill Reeh Pathology Award. The criteria for these awards and the procedures for selecting recipients are described in Article VI of these Bylaws.

D.   Shall determine that these submitted theses conform to the standards of form and content as described and published by the Society.

E.   At least two of the Thesis Committee members must find a thesis to be acceptable in order for it to be approved by the Society as fulfilling membership criteria. A thesis shall not be evaluated by a Thesis Committee member under whom the author-applicant for membership has trained. If necessary, the Past Thesis Committee Chair shall review such a thesis in place of that Committee member who is excluded.

F.   If a member of the Thesis Committee is unable to objectively evaluate a thesis or if an applicant feels a member of the Thesis Committee cannot objectively evaluate their thesis, the Past Thesis Committee Chair may be requested to evaluate that thesis in place of that Committee member who is to be excluded.


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