Coding Committee

L. Neal Freeman, MD - Chair
Evan H. Black, MD
Jeffrey P. Edelstein, MD
Charles B. Slonim, MD

SECTION 17: Coding Committee
A.   Shall be responsible for communications and other liaison activities with medical organizations, state or federal agencies, and insurance carriers on issues relating to (1) coding practices and guidelines for medical diagnosis; (2) documentation guidelines; and (3) reimbursement methodologies for surgical procedures performed by oculofacial plastic surgeons; and shall report on these activities to the Executive Committee and members.

B.   Shall undertake all extramural activities under the auspices of the Executive Committee with the following goals and guidelines:respect for and compliance with governmental institutions and their procedures; and a striving for accurate and ethical implementations of physician third party reimbursements.

C.   Shall develop educational materials and disseminate information in coordination with other appropriate committees of the Society in order to assist Society members and interested parties with coding and third party reimbursement issues.


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