Standards Committee

David Buerger, MD  - Chair
Lawrence Handler, MD
Myron Tanenbaum, MD
Debra Sherman, MD
Peter Rubin, MD

SECTION 11: Standards Committee
A.The Chairperson shall have been a member of the Society for ten (10) years or longer and be appointed by the President.

B.The Chairperson shall serve for a period of three (3) years and shall be eligible to be re-appointed for one additional term of three (3) years.

C.The Standards Committee shall be concerned with issues involving inquiries and challenges raised under the Bylaws or in the Rules and Regulations of the Society. The Committee shall report through the Chairperson to the Executive Committee.

D.The composition, functions, and administrative procedures of the Standards Committee, including indemnification of the Committee’s members, shall be set forth in Rules and Regulations available to the membership.

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