Fellowship Program Director Committee

Mark J. Lucarelli, MD - Chair
Robert Fante, MD - Secretary of Education

Program Directors of ASOPRS accredited Fellowships
Richard Anderson, MD       Andrew Harrison, MD       Jeffrey Nerad, MD
Evan Black, MD       Eric Hink, MD       Frank Nesi, MD
Sean Blaydon, MD, FACS       Marc Hirschbein, MD       William Nunery, MD
Elizabeth Bradley, MD        David Holck, MD       James Oestreicher, MD
Michael Burnstine, MD       John Holds, MD       James Orcutt, MD, PhD
Kenneth Cahill, MD       Donald Hollsten, MD       Julian Perry, MD
Keith Carter, MD       Thomas Johnson, MD       Allen Putterman, MD
Roger Dailey, MD, FACS       William Katowitz, MD       Stuart Seiff, MD, FACS
Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD       Michael Kazim, MD       Norman Shorr, MD
Steven Dresner, MD       Robert Kersten, MD       Bryan Sires, MD, PhD
Vikram Durairaj, MD       Don Kikkawa, MD, FACS       Jennifer Sivak-Callcott, MD
Bita Esmaeli, MD       Peter Levin, MD       Mary Stefanyszyn, MD
Aaron Fay, MD       Richard Lisman, MD       Jeremiah Tao MD, FACS
James Fleming, MD        John Long, MD       David Tse, MD, FACS
Suzanne Freitag, MD       John McCann, MD, PhD       Edward Wladis, MD
Roberta Gausas, MD       Timothy McCulley, MD        Julie Woodward, MD
Robert Goldberg, MD       Shannath Merbs, MD, PhD       R. Patrick Yeatts, MD
Gerald Harris, MD       Christine Nelson, MD, FACS       Michael Yen, MD

Foreign Program Directors
Geoffrey Gladstone, MD       Bobby Korn, MD PhD      

Wendy Lee, MD

SECTION 8: Program Directors Committee
A.   Shall be composed of a Chairperson; the Secretary of Education, who shall not be a voting member; and the directors of the Society-accredited fellowship training programs. Each program shall have one vote.

B.   The Chairperson shall currently serve as, or shall have previously served as, the director of a Society-accredited fellowship training program.

C.   The President shall appoint the Chairperson to serve for a period of two (2) years and the individual shall be eligible to be appointed for one additional term of two (2) years.

D.   The Chairperson shall serve as liaison between the Society and organizations utilized for matching of applicants to fellowship training programs.

E.   Shall consider issues that are relevant to fellowship training programs and shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding such programs, including but not limited to selection of trainees and educational standards.

F.    Shall convene at the Annual Spring and Fall Meetings of the Society.

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