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Welcome to the inaugural ASOPRS Foundation newsletter! The Foundation would like to share examples of member driven projects that have been funded to further support the goals of the Society and its members. Your continued contributions will produce further value to you and our patients!
A New Digital/Mobile Surgical Log for Fellows

iOperate is a webbased system designed to simplify and improve the surgical case reporting of ASOPRS fellows-in-training. Aaron Fay, M.D. and John Nguyen, M.D. created iOperate. Using iOperate, fellows are able to log surgical cases in real time using an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone or tablet, or a traditional computer. Entries are immediately transmitted to the ASOPRS national surgical database. Each fellow is able to access their own case log using the system, while ASOPRS is able to analyze the national database.


“It took us about three years to develop the iOperate program. Without limited computer programming skills, we were able to produce a simulation of the working programs. However, mobile computer languages required for iPhone and Android programming are more complex. Therefore, we worked with several different consulting programmers to create the final product.”


“Partnering with the ASOPRS Foundation has been very rewarding. We have been able to create much of this product ourselves, but when we absolutely needed to go beyond our own abilities, the Foundation was able to fund the necessary programmers. It's a great example of how our society works so well with an unusual amount of volunteer involvement, and with Foundation funds to advance our shared goals.”

Driving Simulator Study to Examine the Benefits of Ptosis Repair/Blepharoplasty

ASOPRS Foundation has funded a sophisticated driving simulator study of ptosis and dermatochalasis effects upon driving skills and safety. As Medicare and commercial insurance companies scrutinize or restrict surgery for ptosis and blepharoplasty, solid documentation of the value of eyelid surgery becomes extremely important.


The ability to drive is a task that most take for granted. With senescent changes of the upper eyelids, driving performance may be affected by heavy upper eyelids.


The ASOPRS Foundation recently funded a seed grant to investigate the effect of drooping eyelids on a patient’s driving performance. This study will take place at the Shiley Eye Center at the University of California, San Diego Department of Ophthalmology. Bobby S. Korn, MD, PhD, will direct the study using a next generation high fidelity driving simulator to test driving performance before and after functional surgery. This study seeks to elucidate the impact of surgical correction of upper eyelid senescent changes on daily function.

Award for the Best Young Member Presentation

The Bartley Frueh , M.D. Award for Best YASOPRS Presentation is given by the ASOPRS Foundation to the top two presentations during the fall meeting YASOPRS Eye Opener Sessions. This award is given in honor of Dr. Bartley Frueh's passion for teaching and intellectual curiosity. Dr. Frueh, a past ASOPRS president, a renowned oculoplastic surgeon and world expert on thyroid eye disease, established and directed the Eye Plastics and Orbital Service at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1979-2008. Donations to the ASOPRS Foundation may be specified for this award.



Year Winner Title
2013 Edward Wladis Immunologic Characteristics of Ocular Rosacea
2013 Dan Rootman Does the Tyndall Effect Describe the Blue Hue Periodically Observed in Subdermal Hyaluronic Acid Gel Placement?
2012 Matthew Vicinanzo The Prevalence of Air Regurgitation and Its Consequences After
with Lester Jones Tube and
Dacryocystorhinostomy with Silicone Intubation
2012 Edward Wladis Toll-like Receptors and Vascular Markers in Ocular Rosacea

The work of the foundation is made possible by the generous donations from ASOPRS members, industry, and grateful patients. The above are outstanding examples of the success the foundation has helped to generate to benefit all society members. In order to continue the forward momentum, the foundation encourages you to consider giving through direct contributions or estate donations. These contributions can be directed toward your choice of education, research, or humanitarian endeavors.


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Kathleen F. Archer Richard P. Carroll James C. Fleming
Roberta E. Gausus Jemshed A. Khan (ex oficio) Jan W. Kronish
Daniel P. Schaefer Bryan S. Sires Ralph E. Wesley
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