Baylis Award 2023
2023   Yoon-Duck Kim, MD, PhD
Management of Eyelid Crease Abnormalities

Baylis Award 2022
2022   Julie A. Woodward, MD
The Psychology, Brain Physiology, and Philosophy of Aesthetic Medicine

Baylis Award 2021
2021   Francesco P. Bernardini, MD
Endoscopic Lifting: Evolving from Brows to Face-lifting

Baylis Award 2020
2020   Wendy W. Lee, MD
Beauty and the Beast: What Drives Some Toward Aesthetics

Baylis Award 2019
2019   John P. Fezza, MD
Shaping Aesthetics: The Form of Beauty

Baylis Award 2018
2018   Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Lash Envy: Do Prostaglandin Analogue Eyelash Growth Products Harm Our Patients?

2017   Alan B. Brackup, MD, FACS
The 2-Hour Facelift: A Love Affair Over 20 Years and 2,000 Cases

2016   Alan Wulc, MD
The Aging Face and the Aesthetic Surgeon: What We Know and What We Don’t Know That We Don’t Know 

2015   Not Awarded

2014   Guy Massry, MD

2013   Jean Carruthers, MD, FRCSC

2012   Brian Biesman, MD

2011   Sterling Baker, MD

2010   David Holck, MD

2009   Marc Cohen, MD

2008   Steven Fagien, MD

2007   Jonathan Hoenig, MD

2006   Jill Foster, MD

2005   Allen Putterman, MD

2004   Clinton McCord, MD

2003   Robert Goldberg, MD

2002   Robert Dryden, MD

2001   Norman Shorr, MD

2000   Bradley Lemke, MD