Outstanding Contribution Award 2023

2023   Keith D. Carter, MD and César A. Briceño, MD for their contributions to the Mentoring in Ophthalmology (MOM) Program. 

Outstanding Contribution Award 2022

2022   Thomas E. Johnson, MD; Cat N. Burkat, MD, FACS; Catherine J. Hwang, MD, FACS; and Steven M. Couch, MD for their work on the virtual/hybrid meetings during the pandemic. 

Outstanding Contribution Award 2020

2020   Kian Eftekhari; Andrea L. Kossler, MD; Nicholas Mahoney, MD; David B. Samimi, MD; Jeremiah P. Tao, MD, FACS; and Cameron B. Nabavi, MD for their work on the 50th Anniversary video. 

Outstanding Contribution Award 2019

2019   Richard C. Allen, MD for his library of surgical videos. 
2018   Aaron Fay, MD; John Nguyen, MD; and Nick Mahoney, MD for the development and evolution of the surgical log coder used by fellows. 
Robert G. Fante, MD, FACS and Simeon A. Lauer, MD for the development of the ASOPRS Online Education Center. 
2016   Stuart Seiff, MD, FACS
2015   Daniel Schaefer, MD, FACS
2014   Richard Anderson, MD
2013   Jonathan Dutton, MD, PhD
2012   Jeffrey Edelstein, MD
2011   L. Neal Freemand, MD, MBA, FACS
2010   Bryan Sires, MD, PhD, FACS
2009   Kathleen Archer, MD
2008   Norman Shorr, MD
2007   Gerald Harris, MD
2006   Gary Weinstein, MD
2004   Albert Hornblass, MD
2002   Richard Dortzbach, MD
2001   Leo Koorneef, MD
2000   George Bartley, MD