External Pathway to Become an ASOPRS Member

For US and Canadian applicants who did not complete an ASOPRS-approved fellowship

Highly qualified individuals with at least eight (8) years' experience in oculofacial plastic surgery and active participation in research, teaching, and/or advocacy in OPS may be considered for the external pathway to membership. The candidate is inducted into the Society as a Fellow with full voting privileges. 

Applicants must be ABO-certified (or equivalent) and an Active Fellow member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. 

External Pathway (EP) to Membership Application Procedures.

The EP membership application process requires: 

  1. ASOPRS member nomination
  2. Membership Committee nomination review
  3. Online application and materials submitted
  4. Membership Committee application review
  5. Candidate Interview
  6. Board of Directors approval
  7. Submission of an accepted thesis
  8. Successful completion of written and oral entrance examinations

Deadline: February 1
Nomination must be made by an ASOPRS member of at least eight (8) years who is active in the subspecialty as demonstrated by a dedication to teaching, scientific endeavor or service to the society. The nominator must sponsor the EP candidate and submit a formal nomination letter, addressed to the Membership Director, that must include:   

  1. Attestation of the candidate’s accomplishments, skills, training, and integrity with specific examples.
  2. Recommendation for consideration of membership to ASOPRS.
  3. Nomination letters with minimal information will not be accepted; the nominator must strongly state their knowledge of, and vouch for, the candidate's skill and expertise. 

 In addition to the nomination letter: 

  1. Letters of support, addressed to the Membership Director, must be sent from two (2) ASOPRS members of at least eight (8) years, describing their knowledge of and affiliation to the candidate, and their endorsement of the candidate for membership.

All three letters described above must be received by February 1 or the nomination will not be considered. Letters must be sent to [email protected]

Membership Committee Review

The Membership Committee will review nominations to determine candidate eligibility. Eligible candidates will be invited to submit a membership application.


Deadline: Application, materials and fee must be received within thirty days (30) of the invitation to apply.

 Application materials and requirements: 

  1. Online application and fee.
  2. Surgical log of 2500 cases of oculofacial plastic surgery as primary surgeon after terminal training.
  3. ABO or RPCSC certification.
  4. Curriculum Vitae showing a minimum of eight (8) years in practice devoted to oculofacial plastic surgery following initial ABO or RCPSC certification and demonstrating an active participation in the field through teaching, research, scientific publications, lecturing, volunteering and/or advocacy.
  5. Three (3) cases that illustrate candidate’s skill and proficiency in OPS. The cases should represent three out of the four areas: periocular reconstruction, lacrimal surgery, orbital surgery, or facial cosmetic surgery (not including upper or lower blepharoplasty).

The three (3) cases must demonstrate complex decision-making or advanced techniques beyond those commonly performed by ophthalmology residents and include: 

                                      i.      Pre- and post-operative notes of no less than three (3) months follow-up

                                    ii.      Operative report(s), and photos when appropriate.

If any part of the application is incomplete, or missing required materials, it will be returned without review.
The Membership Committee may request associated unedited case specific videos of submitted cases.

Membership Committee Application Review:

  1. Applications are reviewed one (1) time per year.  
  2. If all criteria are satisfied, the Membership Committee conducts a virtual interview with the candidate to discuss their submitted cases.

Board of Directors Review. ASOPRS Membership Committee will present their recommendation to the ASOPRS Board at the Fall ASOPRS Board Meeting. 

If Board Approved:

  1. The candidate is invited to submit a thesis at the next submission deadline. 
  2. Following thesis acceptance, the candidate will be invited and must register to sit for the next oral and written entrance examinations.
  3. After passing the examinations, the candidate is inducted at the next scheduled Spring induction.

Questions? [email protected]

We look forward to your application on the new External Pathway, and to welcoming you into the Society.