Internal Pathway

For US and Canadian applicants who have recently completed an ASOPRS-approved fellowship

Upon completion of the fellowship, the candidate has one year to apply and 3 years to successfully complete all steps in the application process.  The candidate is inducted into the Society as a Fellow with full voting privileges. The Internal Pathway of membership is not applicable to graduates of ASOPRS-approved international fellowships. 

As you fill out the online application, you will need the following documents available to upload:

  1. CV (PDF)
  2. ABO certificate or equivalent for Canadian applicants (PDF)*
  3. Surgical logs (2 years) from ASOPRSCoder*
4 Letters of Recommendation must be emailed directly to [email protected] by the writers:
  • Residency Director - recommendation and statement of successful completion
  • Fellowship Director - recommendation and statement of successful completion
  • Two recommendations from current ASOPRS members of at least 5 years. 

Application Deadline: No later than July 1st the year after completion of ASOPRS-approved fellowship training. Applications are required prior to sitting for the examination.

All membership requirements/supporting documents must be completed and received at least three months before the next scheduled Spring Inductions, to be eligible for induction that year. 

*ABO certificate and surgical logs may be submitted separately after those milestones are reached.

Thesis Guidelines



  • Thesis submission during fellowship is highly recommended to utilize program director and core faculty support and mentorship, as well as research infrastructure.  
  • Your thesis must be ACCEPTED no later than 4 years after completion of ASOPRS-approved fellowship training; as a thesis may require minor or major revisions, it is advised to not wait until the last available deadline .
  • The thesis submission deadline is March 1. Theses must be submitted by 8 am central on the deadline. 
  • If a thesis submission does not follow the guidelines, it will be rejected without review. 
  • You must submit a cover letter with your identified and deidentified thesis submissions. Use the following templates and attach them to the beginning of each respective submission:

2023 Exam Policy and Guidelines

  • Written and oral exams are offered every fall the day before the ASOPRS Fall Scientific Symposium.
  • Candidates are eligible to sit for exams as early as the fall after completing fellowship training.
  • Candidates must pass both exams no later than 4 years after completion of fellowship training.

Internal Pathway Member Inductions are held during the Spring meeting.